For reservation and stay in Islamabad with comfortable and luxuries room you are spot exactly the right place with your family.

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Prime Facilities

24/7 Security

Ensuring your safety round the clock.

Sterile Hygiene

Maintaining a pristine environment.

Fast Wi-Fi

Enjoy seamless and high-speed internet.

Free Parking

Hassle-free parking at no additional cost.

Popular Questions

What is your check-in time?

Our check-in time is 14:00 hrs. However, if you request an early check-in, it can be accommodated. The rates remain the same regardless of the duration of your stay.

Yes, free public parking is available on-site.

The kitchen in each apartment is private.

Each room can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.

Unmarried couples are not permitted to share an apartment. Proof of marriage may be requested upon arrival or if needed during your stay. We are a family-oriented place and require proof of relationship for couples checking in. However, we do not allow any other than legal family relations to stay at our property. Same-gender couples can share an apartment, while opposite-gender couples need to take separate apartments. Please note that these guidelines apply to all guests regardless of their nationality.